Is Your Organization a Candidate for Starting a Social Enterprise Venture?

Nonprofit leaders know that traditional funding models are changing. Corporate giving is shifting from an annual donation of table tickets, to investing in programs that are growing each year in impact and scope. Government funding is no longer as reliable as it used to be. Individual donors are asking the hard questions about where their dollars are going. Donors want to know that their contributions are being invested and stewarded, not thrown at a negative bottom line. Here’s a quick True or False quiz to determine whether a social enterprise venture would be a good fit for helping to advance your organization’s mission:

1. Your organization is tired of going back to the same funders and competing for the same funds year after year.

2. Your organization has a vision to grow along a self-directed path.

3. You are looking for revenue streams that aren’t restricted by funders or tied to specific outcomes.

4. Your board of directors, staff and leadership are ready to move out of “charity-think” and into a more sustainable, self-supporting model.

5. Your leadership team is willing to invest time and capital into developing and managing an enterprise that will bring in unrestricted, renewable resources and further your organizational mission.

6. You are ready to bust the myth that nonprofits can’t make a profit!

Join us on October 24 from 9-11am for the interactive workshop, “Social Enterprise Ventures: How to develop unrestricted, renewable revenue for your Nonprofit” and learn how social enterprise can augment your current fundraising plans and advance your organizational mission.

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